The Colosseum in Rome, Italy


 10 - 13 NOVEMBRE 2016

Conto alla rovescia per la prima edizione di GameRome
un nuovo evento per l'Industria del Videogioco!

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GameRome is an original, innovative and free event dedicated to the world of video games. A festival created not only to meet the protagonists and stars in the video game industry and their most popular works, but also a real and wonderful party for all gamers. From November 10th to November 13th in the location of Parco Leonardo (Rome) a real "video game city" will come to life: contests, cosplayer, tournaments, flash mobs, movie marathons, official gatherings, gaming stations and activities dedicated to the names and the most beloved brands of the video game history, with exclusive gadgets and prizes for all the audience.

Meanwhile, in the locations of UCI Cinemas Parco Leonardo will be held the first video game red carpet: the stars who enthralled millions of gamers around the world will parade for the public, with picture and autograph sessions, before taking part in exclusive presentations and workshops inside the Festival program.

Discover the history of gaming with RetroGameRome

Discover the history of gaming with RetroGameRome

GameRome welcomes the RetroGameRome, the Festival area entirely dedicated to all those consoles and titles that have contributed to create the story of the videogame. For the duration of All four ...

LudoSport Italia will be at GameRome!
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Sky Generation Media Partner of GameRome

For four days Parco Leonardo will become a real "video game city", with cosplayers, gatherings, contests, tournaments and many entertainment areas for the public.


Many special activities will be held during GameRome, including DJ nights, live events, the interactive video game history with VIGAMUS and cosplay competitions... and much more!


The great video game creators will parade for their fans on the red carpet of GameRome, with photo sessions, signing autographs and telling their stories.


During GameRome, special awards will be delivered to honor the careers of great video game artists, authors and some of the most beloved titles in the video game industry.