Un nuovo evento per il mondo dei videogiochi.


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Not only the most famous names at GameRome, but also the Indie scene that will liven up the event with a massive coverage of international developers and designers. Section IndieRome will be the home of creativity and talent, by hosting an intense Game Jam session and a Showcase of titles in production, everything totally free. At their side, dozens of Talks will be on IndieRome stage, specialized in Technical, Artistical, Marketing and Product Pitching. The audience will have a chance to look and try these games, interacting directly with the developers, all in GameRome festival setting.
The section dedicated to IndieRome will be the IndiePalace, which will host programmer, artists and designers for two days, in a two floors location of 1800 sqmt, with high speed connection, a stage, demo space and services.



Forty-eight hours: will be those during it will take place the GameJam, where you will work tirelessly to a videogame realization. IndieRome will be also animated by Talk Sessions and Showcase sessions: in the first case, subscribed people will have the chance to keep a keynote on the IndiePalace stage; in the second case they will have the possibility to allow testing of their products by GameRome's visitors.
Are you ready to see what the gaming independent minds have achieved?

Following the style of absolute novelty and integration between the game industry and the developers, an unprecedented surprise awaits devs and jammers of IndiePalace: international guests will visit the ShowCase and GameJam area to give a special award.


Each of the five major international guests who will participate to GameRome will visit IndiePalace, the dedicated building for the Showcase of indie developers, and each guest will award the Special Prize of Indie Development, based on their personal expertise, an extraordinary tribute to the work done by the best teams in IndieRome.

The international guests of the 2016 edition of GameRome will be:

  • Denis Dyack, Chief Creative Officer - Quantum Entanglement Entertainment
  • Tomonobu Itagaki, CTO - Valhalla Studios
  • Marty O'Donnell, Founder & Audio Director - Highwire Games
  • Robert Krakoff, Co-Founder - Razer
  • Tim Willits, Creative Director - id Software

The special guests will review the games developed in the GameJam and the winning team will receive a special prize from them, as a sign of passion and respect for the commitment showed in the previous 48 hours.

The modules' confirmation will be sent from

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  • What do I have to submit within IndiePalace to confirm my registration?
    To confirm your registration, you will have to show a valid identification document to the information desk, where you will be given a badge and all necessary forms. The badge must be obligatorily worn throughout the event. The management reserves the right to refuse the registration of a participant, analyzing each case individually.
  • Is it possible to register as a team in GameJam?
    You can only register individually; the teams will be created on the begininning based on the presented skills.
  • Who will become owner of the material produced during the GameJam?
    All material produced will be under Creative Commons license: you can use material already prepared only if own and suitable for the Creative Commons license. Intellectual property will remain the / the creator / s.
  • Will it be possible to visit the GameJam?
    It will be allowed, but only participants will have the priority access to the GameJam.
  • Can i publish the game once the GameJam will be over?
    Yes, always respecting the intellectual property and the Creative Common
  • Can I participate to the GameJam if I am an industry insider?
    Of course!
  • Can I participate to the GameJam if I do not know how to develop a game?
    Is recommended to only participate if you know at least the process of a game's development, because of the short time available.
  • What services will be granted to developers during GameJam?
    Electricity and fast connection WIFI will be available, along with tables and chairs, food, water, WC, showers and a big zone for night resting. The equipment to develop will have to be brought by the participants. It is advisable to bring a sleeping bag, as not supplied by IndieRome.
  • What do I have to bring in the Showcase?
    You can bring everything you'll need to present your project to the public, including display material and / or typography.
  • Which services will be granted to the developers at the Showcase?
    You will have a stage and a table with chairs, and also electricity. Everything not mentioned is not included.
  • I have to take a talk: what I have to bring?
    Your PC and a USB device with your talk's file, in .PDF and/or .PPT format. Projector is available on the stage.