Un nuovo evento per il mondo dei videogiochi.


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Sky Generations


Sky Generation
Sky Generation is the new temporary channel of Sky Italia about the nerd world, on air from October 29th to November 20th, with movies inspired by comics and videogames, the most loved fantasy TV series, a journey into worlds not yet esplored in television, from cosplayers to E-Sports.


Games Princess
Games Princess & Tech Princess are information sites dedicated to video games and technology with a unique feature: the editors are composed only by gamer girls, giving a unique point of view in the Italian and international scene.


Game Legends
Game Legends is an online newspaper that deals with video games and technology. The goal is to inform readers about the video game medium, through the publication of news, reviews and previews. Do not miss the streaming organization and the coverage of Italian and international events.


VMAG is the videogame website belonging, along with VR Gamer, to the VNET network and managed by Vigamus Academy, the first italian university of videogame . An editorial actually carried out by the students who daily produce news, previews and reviews.


VR Gamer
VR Gamer, ex Oculust Rift Italy , is the first point of reference in Italy about the Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality that offers daily news, articles and special about the above topics . Operating for four years, it is an editorial staff member of the network VNET with VMAG, ViGaMus Magazine.


GamesVillage is one of the reference network of the Italian gaming information, and it’s among the top sites in the industry. It is a reality which also includes one of the forum community to be the greatest ever: reviews, previews, videos and always fresh news.


NintendOn is a video game information website that offers daily news and reviews about Nintendo world. With events, tournaments and streaming, for years it's been a reference point for many fans of the famous Japanese gaming company.


GameTime is an online newspaper born by Roberto Buffa’s mind that deals with videogames. Their aim is to inform the readers by the continuous release of news, previews, reviews and videos. Do not miss the coverage of italian and international events.


PSM - PlayStation Magazine
PSM - PlayStation Magazine is the historical magazine and reference point of Sony enthusiasts, a reality that offers to all Playstation fans in the world interviews, articles and exclusive content. Since 1998, PSM represents a real landmark for fans of video games.


Pokèmon Millennium
Pokémon Millennium is the largest community of Pokemon in Italy that keep the fans informed of the Pokemon world through news, updates and events.
Pokemon Millennium has recently organized the first major official gathering of Pokemon Go at Rome.

Gamerclick is a valid resource for oriental games, where you will find reviews and news of games from the land of the rising sun, but not only these, with a database of visual novels for gathering your opinion.


NewsArt is a website that threat games, movies and TV Series like real new forms of art and not as hobbies. We write all the last news, review and analysis, with Netflix list for all the movie-maniacs and trophy guide for the most hardcore gamers!


Radio Roma Capitale 
Radio Roma Capitale is officially Media Partner of GameRome - La Città dei Videogiochi! The roman broadcaster is active at 360 degrees in everything related to the capital and is listenable in the province of Rome on the frequency fm 93.00.
Radio Roma Capitale will attend the event and will broadcast speeches and interviews in their own dedicated transmission.


Gamempire is a website, active from several years, that talk about videogames. With different projects operating, the site has an approach dedicated to users with the question system. Beyond that, makes reviews, editorials and deep analysis on everything regards videogames.




GameCity Festival
GameCity Festival is the video game event which has been going on in Nottingham (U.K.) for 11 years. Hosted by the National Video Game Arcade, and held in many locations all over the city, GameCity is completely free and brings together high profile talks, workshops and events of all kind for the general public. Through the years, this festival offered special guests like David Braben and Keita Takahashi.


Astro Edizioni
Astro Edizioni is the passionate publishing house dedicated to authors, publishers and professional communicators, in collaboration with journalists and public figures , which is specialized in fantasy, science fiction and practical manuals.


Sprea Editori
Sprea Editori is one of the publishing groups in Italy with more copies sold and readers every month. Among their magazines dedicated to the game industry there are Pika Mania and Retrogame Magazine.


Star2Com is one of the most important Public Relations Agencies in Italy, focused in particular on the world of video games and consumer electronics, managing international brands like: Pokémon, Innogames, Nexon and Creative Technology.


Fantafestival is the can't-miss event for all the fans of fantastic movies. It takes place every year in Rome, during Summer. In its 30 years of history, this festival has been presenting and launching in Italy many filmmakers who later became some of the most popular directors in the fantastic movies' scene.

Tomb Raider Italia
Tomb Raider Italy was established in 2006 to provide solutions and guides to all the Tomb Raider videogames, from 1996 to the present , to complete each episode 100 %. Complete solutions to end the game, guide to the secrets, the artifacts, the relics , the challenges and guides to platinum.

17K Guardians
Born as a Facebook group, 17K Guardians is now one of the best reference points for Halo in Italy, bringing together fans of the immense universe that made the fortune of the Xbox brand. Join the community, meet other Spartans and stay updated with the latest news and insights.

The Tower
The Tower is the major community about Destiny in Italy, whose members include thousands of fans of the last great title by Bungie and Activision. The website offers news and insights, while its social channels host contents created by the community for the community itself.

Assassin's Creed Cosplay Italia
Assassin's Creed Cosplay Italia is a no profit association born in 2014, that reunite fan of costuming, cosplay and fan of the Assassin's Creed Saga, in partnership with Ubisoft Milan. They take part to important events like Lucca Comics 2014/2015, Drago d'Oro 2015 and Assassin's Creed Syndicate - The Tour.


AFK Store
AFK Store is a PC and gaming accessories store located in Rome at Via Largo Luchino Visconti, 24/25, that collaborate with several important realities of the gaming world and participates to events and conference in Italy.


Red Star Gaming
Red Star Gaming is an Amateur Sports Association addressed to the world of gaming and e-sports that also operate in Rome with fully equipped LAN room in the area of Tiburtina / Piazza Bologna.


Biblioteche di Roma
The Institution Biblioteche di Roma cares development of 39 public libraries distributed throughout the territory of the city. Libraries, many of which are in the suburbs, are centers of culture and social gathering and for many territories are the only cultural reference for the local community.


Overwatch Italia
Overwatch Italia is the biggest italian community of the new FPS from Blizzard Entertainment. Facebook page, dedicated exclusively to Overwatch, has more than 14.000 likes, where news and updates are posted.


Caffé Pascucci
Saturday 12th November will be created a meeting area between authors and fan inside Caffè Pascucci, at the first floor of Parco Leonardo. The Literary Cafe will be arranged in a private zone of the shop, with two sofa.


Sheraton Parco de Medici
During days of GameRome - La Città dei Videogiochi, you can enjoy a discount code to use at the Hotel Sheraton, one of the most green in Rome, where will be able to find passion, experience and cordiality, transforming the whole place in a memorable one! Through "GameRome" code, the price will be € 90 (excluding VAT).