Un nuovo evento per il mondo dei videogiochi.


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The legendary Studio and videogame publisher CRYTEK will be one of the protagonist of the first edition of GameRome, with workshop dedicated to the applications of their latest graphic engine, the CRYENGINE V, with particular attention to Virtual Reality applied not only in the field of gaming but to many other secctors such as medicine. The audience of GameRome will also have the chance to play as Robin, the protagonist of the videogame Robinson: The Journey on PlayStation VR.


Storm in a Teacup
Storm in a Teacup, the Rome-based independent studio that mesmerized gamers around the world thanks to surreal adventure of N.E.R.O., will attend at this first edition of GameRome as sponsor and protagonist of the Festival. In addition to telling the public of their all Italian company, Storm in a Teacup will show their next title Lantern: a relaxing and exotic experience that will be available in November on PC, with full HTC Vive and Oculus Rift support.


With about 150 million registered players, InnoGames is one of the world's leading developers and providers of online games. Currently, the Hamburg-based company employs over 400 professionals from 30 nations. InnoGames has scored major success with games such as Tribal Wars, Grepolis and Forge of Empires.


Rortos, an Italian company focalized on flight simulators developing, will be sponsor and protagonist of the first edition of GameRome with Frecce Tricolore - Flight Simulator, the innovative simulator of National Aerobatic Patrol, official license of Italian Air Force. There will be participating, also, some of the official pilots of Frecce Tricolori, real heroes of the country.


Streamline Studios
Streamline Studios, company dedicated to the production of digital content for AAA and mobile games, with more than 15 years of experience, will be sponsor at the first edition of GameRome! Having worked on titles like Street Fighter V, Axon Runners, Bioshock e Gears of War, Streamline Studios is composed by a heterogeneous and creative team of artists, producers, designers and programmators, ready to give an excellent service.